AngelEye by FireAngel

Informatie over de Brexit

Company Update

FireAngel continues to work proactively to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of supply for our

customers based in the EU from January 1st 2021, when the current transition period under the

Withdrawal Agreement ends.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Should the UK exit without a formal agreement, there would be an immediate change to the way

businesses trade with the EU. Customs formalities would be required and import duty and VAT may apply

in the destination EU country according to WTO rules.

We have established a logistics and distribution solution within the Netherlands to serve all our European

customers. This has avoided any significant disruption to EU export flows as our goods will be delivered

directly into the Netherlands from our suppliers, for onward distribution across Europe.

We have planned for potential delays to UK and EU import flows from our Key Supply Partner in Poland

through increased buffer stocks. Increased pressure and rising costs on imports from the Far East are

expected until Chinese New Year, and potentially beyond, due to COVID-19. We have planned additional

buffers to try and counteract any significant interruption to UK and EU import flows from our Key Supply

Partners in China.

CE marking obligations

For those of our products which fall under 305/2011 Construction Products Regulation 2011, specifically

smoke alarms, we have successfully transitioned our product licences from UK to EU registered Notified

Bodies (NB) ensuring that we comply with the requirements for CE marking and in turn ensure continuity

of supply to our customers based in the EU leading up to and beyond 1st January 2021. We have

appointed an Authorised Representative based within the EU to act on our behalf and to undertake

specified tasks with regards to manufacturer's obligations under the relevant Union harmonisation


Under the terms of the current Withdrawal Agreement, goods lawfully marked with the CE mark and

placed on the EU market before the end of the transition period (1st January 2021) can continue to

circulate until they reach their end user.

This includes requirements that they:

- are covered by a harmonised European standard, which is the same as a UK designated standard

(as noted above)

- are affixed with CE marking

- are accompanied by a manufacturer’s declaration of performance

- have been assessed by an EU-recognised notified body, where third party assessment is required